Hot waterSupeRac ARHot water

The boilers SupeRAC AR (High efficiency) are mono¬bloc boiler, three smoke passes (two in combustion chamber) at pressurized combustion, equipped with wide furnace at flame reverse, with furnace back completely wet, connec¬tion for starting condensate discharge placed on the smoke chamber, internal course of the water studied in order to cool the anterior part and increase the temperature in the rear part of the boiler to reduce the starting condensate. Suitable to work with gas, LPG, light oil or heavy oil fuel.

The boiler SupeRAC AR is equipped with special turbolators in stainless steel AISI 430, with special forming for increase the smoke turbolence and increase the thermal exchange heat/tube with low consumption and high efficiency over 95%. The boiler SupeRAC AR is classified to three stars. The boiler SupeRAC AR is suggested to be used in heating plants with hot water up to 110°C (for export working temperature 115°C), with working pressure 6 bar (on request 8 or 10 bar).

SupeRac AR